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Some people are usually of the opinion that, it is quite difficult to leave the negative things you have done in the past, as they have a way of coming back to haunt you in the present and also in the future.

However, it would interest you to know that, most things done in the past, stays in the past, what you make plans for in the present, shapes your future. If the negative deeds done in the past, have a way of rearing their ugly heads in either the present or the future, it is best to have developed a positive mindset which would help you to tackle them as they come.

One of the best ways to forget your negative past, is to change your mindset. If you continually think about the negative things which have occurred in the past, there is a tendency that your life will tend towards the negative direction. The way it works is, your life moves in the direction of the nature of thoughts dominating your life.

Hence, if they are all positive thoughts, your life would be full of positive vibes, and it is vice-versa for negative thoughts. The best you can do, is to replace those thoughts with positive ones. For instance, if people have thought little of you, and it has affected your personality, what you can do in the present, is to continually repeat to yourself that “I am great”. Doing this overtime, helps to change your mindset, and also make it a practice for you.

Another effective way, is to stop hanging out with some of your friends. There is a high tendency that, the reason why your past was negative was because you had some friends who contributed to it. Hence, if you want to forget about your past, and live a positively-driven life, all you need do is, leave some friends behind.

Conclusively, try to set goals for yourself. Make a draft of what you intend to achieve in the coming weeks, months or years, and make feasible plans on how to go about them. Always imagine yourself doing great things, and leave out any negative thoughts which could surface.