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Often times, we make decisions to quit a particular act, but we still end up indulging in them. Now, it does not mean that we are not serious about quitting, what it implies is, there is a particular pleasure which we derive from that act, that we cannot let go off.

This is what addiction is all about, it is usually a compulsive and obsessive disorder which is associated with an act. There are various types of addiction and they are drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gaming addiction, TV addiction, social media addiction, food addiction and the likes.

Breaking addiction is not an easy act, as there are needs for some positive habits which you need to incorporate into your lifestyle.

To start with, you need to use small steps to set patterns. Patterns do not just occur instantly, it takes its time to develop gradually, till it becomes a lifestyle. Hence, you have to begin by creating a pattern. If you are addicted to alcohol for instance, and you take it every day. For you to break free, you would have to start skipping days when it comes to taking alcohol.

The same applies to other forms of addiction, you should strive to ensure that you give less time and attention to them, thus reducing the frequency at which you carry them out. With time, you will realize that your addiction is on the decline, and you will be in greater control of your lifestyle.

In addition, there is an important need for you to stay away from temptations which fuel your bad habits. When you find yourself in places where you are likely to fall back to your addiction, there is a tendency that you would relapse. It is difficult for an alcohol addict to visit a bar and refuse to drink.

Since you have been able to create a new pattern, it is advised that you replace your old addictive habits with new ones. Most times, triggers for addiction are found in our habits, and desisting from them implies you are doing away with those triggers. Develop new habits today, and you will discover that addiction would become a thing of the past.