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Addiction is basically known as a compulsive and obsessive disorder which occurs due to various factors. A person can either be addicted to an act such as gaming, food disorder and the likes, or the person can be addicted to a substance such as drugs and alcohol.

One of the common factors which promotes addiction is stress. Everyone passes through stress in one way or the other at varying degrees. When it comes to stress, it does not only involve physical action, mental stress also exists.

Now, an individual who is typically stressed would want to deal with it in one way or the other. This is where addiction sets in. There is a conventional way of life which the society has factored into our mindset. If you see someone who is stressed, the person would most likely want to handle it by either indulging in drug use or alcohol use.

They are usually of the opinion that, it helps them feel better and sleep well. Now, it would interest you to know that the supposed positive effects which drug use or alcohol use comes with, is short-lived. With time, the individual becomes unsatisfied with the results, and would want something better, this is what makes an addiction set in.

It then becomes hard for the person to deal with stress without having to take either drugs or alcohol. With time, health problems set in, and the person might have to leave work at the end of the day. Stress can be handled in different ways. However, taking drugs and alcohol is not the best way.

One efficient way to deal with stress, is to rest effectively. When this is done, your body would have gone through a phase of calmness, and this equally helps your brain to refresh. Someone who does not have enough rest would most likely be addicted.

Exercise is another way to handle stress. On a general basis, exercise helps to improve mood, and it improves our overall state of health.

If you are addicted already due to stress, it is best that you see a counselor who would arrange phases of addiction treatment for you.