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Signs of good mental health

Signs of good mental health

Good mental health can be defined as an optimal state of well-being where you can function well. If you have good mental health, it implies that you can cope with the daily demands and stress that come with life.

It also suggests that you can realise your potential, making you a quintessential societal resource. While everyone experiences ups and downs, someone with good mental health can cope. Here are some of the signs someone has good mental health.

You set realistic goals

One of the ways to tell that someone has good mental health is when they know the ideal way to set goals. This means they don’t set big or unrealistic goals that might be difficult to meet.

If they have a big goal, they will break it down into smaller ones, making tackling each goal one phase at a time easier. They celebrate the little ones when they meet each goal, motivating them to do better.

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You are confident

Another sign of good mental health is confidence. The person will not be afraid to stand up to challenges because they are confident in their abilities or other factors that will make them victorious.

Such people are not reluctant to seek support if they can’t achieve something at their present phase.

You are optimistic

When a person is optimistic, it means that they see the good in every situation. They are not discouraged from trying because they believe the popular saying “light is at the end of every tunnel”.

It will be challenging to discourage such people because they will always find a way to motivate themselves. This is why they are mindful of the people in their corner, as they will likely keep healthy relationships.

You know your strengths and weaknesses

Someone with good mental health is fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and they fully play to them without living in denial. They use their strengths to make their lives and those around them better, while they seek help when it comes to exploiting their weaknesses.